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Zeolite DETOX - tribomechanically activated micronized - 97% clinoptilolite - 2 micron fine - 500 g

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Lactose free Gluten free NEW
XXL-Pack Vegetarian Made in Germany
Filler Free Vegan GMO Free
Gelatine Free Natural Ingredients No Preservatives Added
Aroma Free Without Sugar Nano Free
Zeolite DETOX - tribomechanically activated micronized zeolite - clinoptilolite - share at least 97%, particle size of 2 microns - 500 g. 
Zeolite DETOX includes a tribomechanically activated and micronized zeolite powder. Why is this for our health essential? From year to year the environmental impact increases considerably: air, food, water, and thus our entire biosphere contains substances (heavy metals, pesticides, etc.), which have a damaging effect on our health. At the same time, the concentration of health-promoting nutrients in our food decreases rapidly, which our organism (etc. vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements) are less defensive substances available. Clinical studies have proven that our natural mineral zeolite stone is perfectly able to: 
1) pollutants (especially to bind heavy metals) and excrete 
2) to support the immune cells in their work 
3) ward due to its antioxidant effect of free radicals 
4) to soothe the digestive tract and to assist in its work 
To give 5) life-essential minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus) into the organism 
Properties of zeolite DETOX: 
Protects against health hazardous heavy metals and eliminates them 
Natural mineral stone against the effect of environmental factors (heavy metals, pesticides, etc.) 
Binds heavy metals from the environment / from food / from the water 
Relieves all detoxification organs (liver, kidney, skin, etc.) 
Ultra fine micronized and activated (2 microns) - this allows quick absorption and reliable action 
Supports the immune system 
Wards off the free radicals and protects against oxidative stress 
Are essential minerals to the organism from - absorption of magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus 
Contributes to a stable well-being 
Our zeolite powder DETOX was so ultra fine processed in a complex manufacturing process that its micronized form is rapidly absorbed and processed by the body. Only in this way it is able to exert its full effect facets. Zeolite Detox acts in the entire digestive tract - but especially in the intestine, where it binds the pollutants and precipitates. At the same time the life essential minerals are delivered to the body, thereby stabilizing the energy and electrolyte balance in the ion exchange. 
An important protective mechanism of zeolite DETOX based on the fact that it has strong antioxidant properties and thus combats free radicals in successfully. Furthermore its ability to stimulate the immune system, which can activate a large number of immune cells. The effects of this natural Minerals are all in clinical tests! Feel fitter and say "No" to the pollution - Our tribomechanically activated zeolite powder DETOX is your best, study and tested especially natural solution for that!

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