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Power to Sleep - Natural Sleep Aid - 800 mg - 120 Caps

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Promotes the stimulation of the sleeping process, promotes relaxation, fights stress and has no side effects – no more feeling groggy and dazed!

Power to Sleep is not a synthetic drug. It is a patent-protected combination of high-quality ingredients developed specifically to combat insomnia long-term. Our compound has no side effects! With Power to Sleep you won't feel groggy and dazed the next morning!
For the first time Vitabay® has succeeded in developing a preparation which can do without additional binding agents, fillers or preservatives by using easy to swallow liquid gel capsules. Furthermore, a patented Bioperine® Complex  was added to the supplement, which significantly increases bioavailability, absorption and the properties of the individual active ingredients! All active ingredients in the liquid capsules by Vitabay® are dissolved down to the smallest of particles, which further increases the absorption of individual active ingredients into the human organism.
Properties of the compound:
  • Designed to combat insomnia long-term.
  • Supports the stimulation of the sleeping process.
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Fights stress.
  • With Power to Sleep you won't feel groggy and dazed the next morning!
  • Verbena, valerian root and Natural Melatonin Boosters (from amino acids)  ensure relaxation and a heavenly sleep.
  • Increases the melatonin level in the blood, thus bringing about a very intensive sleep.
  • GABA is the most crucial inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, promoting calmness and relaxation.
  • Valerian serves as a mild and natural sleep aid. Valeric acid has a calming effect, prevents the depletion of GABA and promotes the reuptake in the brain, which in turn calms the organism.
  • Passion flower is used in natural medicine against restlessness, anxiety, tension, back pain, heart trouble and insomnia. Passion flower also has an aphrodisiacal effect on the organism.
Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep are wide spread in our hectic world. Many people take insomnia lightly. But sleep disorders are far from harmless and should not be ignored. The body needs sleep in order to regenerate. Insomnia often results in being edgy and restless. Even stress and nervousness are typical results of sleep disorders. One can revert to nature's healing powers to alleviate sleeping disorders.
Valerian extract, ashwagandha extract and hops extract have a relaxing effect and help to fall asleep. Sleeping disorders are effectively eliminated. Power to Sleep further contains natural melatonin boosters from amino acids, GABA and Verbena in a strictly natural formula. It is non-habit forming, allowing it to also be taken for extended periods.
Power to Sleep contains the following main ingredients:
Valerian Root Extract has completely natural origins. Extensive research has proven its calming and sleep-promoting properties. The time-tested effect of valerian root extract not only encourages a restful and refreshing sleep, but also stimulates peristalsis, the movement of digestive tract muscles, for proper digestion and intestinal transit.
Valerian, lemon balm extract, hops and passion flower extract are vital herbs which support the organism during relaxation and regeneration. Valerian serves as a mild and natural sleep aid. Valeric acid has a calming effect, prevents the depletion of GABA and promotes the reuptake in the brain, which in turn calms the organism.
Ashwagandha extract enhances vitality and energy. This extract has been used in India for thousands of years as a general restorative remedy and energy source. Withanolides are the most important active ingredient of this plant.
Passion flower originates from South-, Central- and southern parts of North-America. Passion flower is used in natural medicine against nervous restlessness, anxiety, tension, back pain, heart trouble and insomnia. Scientists recently discovered the aphrodisiacal effects of passion flower on the organism.
GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is the most crucial inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, responsible for calmness and relaxation. GABA unfolds its effect on neuronal chains of the hypothalamus, located outside the circulation-brain barrier, stimulating the release of growth hormones, which in turn can lead to optimal muscle formation due to an increase in the growth hormone concentration. Another crucial point is the pain-relieving properties of GABA. Competitive athletes taking Gaba during training as support often report a decrease in the pain associated with training or an increase in the pain tolerance.
Verbena helps  to sleep! The real verbena  grows almost everywhere  with us. And what many do not know: It is a wonderful help with  insomnia. In its stalks  very much Verbenalin is  mentioned, a herbal hormone that  brings us calm and so gently  into sleep. This is done in the way in that it binds to the so-called  A-1 receptors in the brain that  something like "Tired switch"  in our brain.
Natural Melatonin Boosters (from amino acids), a blend of amino acids which promote the natural production of melatonin in the metabolism. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain that regulates the body's sleep and wake cycle. Melatonin helps promote the body's natural sleep cycle. Combined, these ingredients promote relaxation, the onset of sleep as well as the quality of sleep.
Properties of Vitabay®:
Liquid gel capsules - the liquid contents of these easy to swallow capsules are quickly absorbed by the body. Dry capsules and tablets contain binding agents and fillers which can cause stomach problems, which is not the case with the natural liquid gel capsules.
Patented Bioperine® complex - The bioavailability, absorption and effect of this formula is based on the added Bioperine® (a patented extract derived from black pepper).
Tested in independent laboratories - this product complies with the strict standards of the IPQP (Industrie Reinheit Qualität Programm [Industry Purity Quality Programme]). No lot is marketed without an independent analysis.
Rainforest Protection -  5% of the profits from this product is donated to the Rain Forest Alliance and National Wildlife Federation. 90% of our future natural medicine comes from the dwindling rainforest.

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