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Whole Psyllium India (Plantago ovata) - Optimal diet and bowel cleansing - 1000 g / 1 kg

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Lactose free Gluten free Fructose free
NEW Hypoallergen XXL-Pack
Bestseller Vegetarian Made in Germany
Filler Free Vegan GMO Free
Yeast Free Gelatine Free Artificial Sugar Free
Natural Ingredients No Preservatives Added Aroma Free
100% Organic Without Sugar Without Sugar Substitutes
Nano Free    

Optimal diet and bowel cleansing - Whole Psyllium India - 1000 g

Consistent weight reduction is a difficult task. At least just before the summer months we decide to reduce our weight and while still offering essential nutrients , which are then not us , and increasingly burden our health. The research team has found a perfect solution for you : Effective Diet to coincide your gut renovated and prepared for the absorption of vital nutrients. Your solution in a health-oriented struggle against the unnecessary Pfunge: Whole Psyllium India - 1000 g of Vitabay.

Properties of the dietary supplement:

  • Fine processed, whole psyllium husks.
  • Swells quickly and effectively with the result of a long-lasting satiety.
  • Thus effectively cleans the intestinal wall , and improves the capacity of the intestinal mucosa.
  • Helps reliable and fast for weight loss.
  • Is enriched with calcium and iron to support the electrolyte balance.

Vitabay provides you with an optimal solution for effective and fast , but most of all healthy weight loss. How does it work? Whole Psyllium India Highly concentrated - Whole Psyllium India 1000 g are stirred in a protein shake , juice or other liquids (one spoon ) and then it starts after shooting in the stomach to the multiple swell . Thus, a reliable sense of satiety is reached. But that 's not all: Thanks to the whole psyllium india the intestinal wall is cleaned perfectly, which is related to a better absorption of nutrients through the intestinal mucosa and a significantly higher well-being. Enriched Psyllium India is our Whole with calcium and iron, which simultaneously supports the electrolyte balance and health.

Pick up healthy and easy , without having to go hungry ! Our Whole Psyllium India 1000 g is the healthy way to lose weight healthy.

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