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Life Flora - Acidophilus/Bifidus Complex

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Life Flora - 5,000,000,000 viable microorganisms

Source Naturals Life Flora of offers with each capsule 5 billion viable microorganisms , food characteristic which help to maintain a healthy intestinal flora.

Health begins in the gut !

Already in the 4000- year-old writings of the intestine is described as the center of well-being . Modern science confirms this insight ! Because the intestine controls with billions of microorganisms most of all metabolic processes in our body . It produces essential vitamins , enzymes and amino acids and promotes the excretion of Stoffwechelprodukten .

Properties of the dietary supplement :

For a healthy intestinal flora.
Supports a healthy immune system.
<span title="Es werden spezielle Keimstämme ausgewählt, die hochgradig resistent sind gegen die " säurebarriere“="" des="" magens."="">There are special selected bacterial strains that are highly resistant to the " acid barrier" of the stomach .
Increase the defense power by Life flora.
Improved absorption of vitamins and trace elements.
For your wellbeing
Each capsule contains 5 billion viable microorganisms.

This food supplement contains S.Thermophilis , L. acidophilus , L. paracasei and two forms of bifidus , each of these strains several billion viable lactobacilli . A healthy intestinal flora can assist your digestion and strengthen the immune system . Many factors can affect the balance of intestinal flora . By poor diet or stress they can get off balance .

Remedy a supply of live flora , because these microorganisms are harmless because they were already part of the natural intestinal flora and help them to regenerate . The digestion is supported because nutritionally promoted the establishment of desired organisms and thus strengthens the immune system . Because these "good " microorganisms form colonies , they must be taken regularly in order to achieve a noticeable effect . Not only will your intestinal flora is brought back into a healthy balance , but with Life Flora also support your immune system , This will make you feel comfortable and balanced go through life.

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